New applied research project launches

We are very excited to announce our new applied research project on the intersection between climate change, environmental justice, male violence against women, militarism, and patriarchy through a feminist women, peace and security lens. Under the leadership of renowned feminist international legal scholar and author, Shelley Wright, and with the support of our fabulous new intern Shayleen McNeil from Umeå University in Sweden, IWRP will be taking our analysis to several events in 2020: The 64th Commission on the Status of Women in March; the Generation Equality Forum in Mexico in May; and the UN COP on climate change in Glasgow in November. We will end 2020 with the publication of our findings in a multi-modal format which will also highlight the resistance by indigenous women throughout the world to patriarchy, male violence and climate injustice.  

Shelley Wright
Shayleen McNeil