Stop the Abuse!

logo_1756413_web-51Today we are launching a new project on breaking the silence on sexual violence within the humanitarian community. Led by Megan Nobert and her courage to go public with her own assault, IWRP is working with her to build an advocacy campaign and research on this hidden issue. Please see the details and the survey at Distribute the website through social media as widely as you can to help us build the campaign and determine the extent of the issue. Links to Megan’s interviews and the response by the UN officials are on the website.

From the new site:

When I started out a few months ago with the intention of going public about my sexual violence experience that occurred last February while on a humanitarian mission in South Sudan, my only goal was to help at least one other person find their voice to express their own experience.

In the months since I began this journey, I have come to realize how little we know about the extent and nature of sexual violence within the humanitarian community. The moments between recognizing a gap and devising a way to address it have certainly fraught with fear and moments of doubt. Out of these darker moments, however, came this project, Report the Abuse, which is being done in collaboration with theInternational Women’s Rights Project.