Constitute! is a multi-media project that profiles largest social mobilization of women in Canadian history. Led by the Ad Hoc Committee of Canadian Women and the Constitution, women and other activists across the country fought to ensure stronger equality sections of the newly patriated Canadian Constitution’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Sections 15 and 28).

CEDAW Impact Study
The First CEDAW [Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women] Impact Study was designed by the IWRP and its International Advisory Committee as a pilot study in ten countries that are Member States of the United Nations, to gather qualitative and quantitative data from the grassroots NGOS in order to develop better measurements of the implementation of human rights guarantees from the perspective of women’s rights activists.

IWRP works on HIV/AIDS on two fronts: research on policy and governance, and grassroots networks of grandmothers caring for their Aids Orphans in South Africa and Uganda. IWRP-SA has used the film The Great Granny Revolution to hold training workshops, build support networks, and create policy changes with the City of Johannesburg and local organizations in Uganda, and Canada.

Women’s Activism and Constitutions
February 14, 2006, marked 25 years of Canadian women’s constitutional activism. On the same day as the conference 25 years ago, in the same room on Parliament Hill, many of the original Ad Hockers returned to the nation’s capital to join parliamentarians, students and other activists for a two-day intergenerational forum on democratic renewal, which opened with a celebratory retrospective and produced forward looking strategies in a global context for intergenerational women’s equality rights. Case studies on the three countries were produced by law students.

Peace and Security
Marilou McPhedran, Jennifer Bond and Laurel Sherret researched how to most effectively engender the emerging United Nations “Responsibility to Protect Doctrine” (R2P) by producing:

• A background strategy paper for the UN reform summit for Ambassador Allan Rock and senior staff at the Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations
• A full academic paper, Sight for Sore Eyes: Gender Blindness in R2P, published by INSTRAW
• With guidance from Ambassador Rock, a version of the R2P strategy paper focused toward Canadian opinion makers presented at the CFGS invitational roundtable Failed States

Voter’s Guide Federal Election 2015
Final Womens Issues 2015 Voters Guide IWRP (PDF)
– Final Womens Issues 2015 Voters Guide IWRP (Docx)