Policy Papers

Prognosis for the Inequality Virus
Gender, Democracy, Reconstruction and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa – Concept paper for the Commonwealth Secretariat on governance and HIV/AIDS.
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New Voices, New Perspectives – A Sight for Sore Eyes:
Bringing Gender Vision to the Responsibility to Protect Framework, by Jennifer Bond and Laurel Sherret, IWRP. Instraw, October 2005. (add pdf that i sent)
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R2P Missing Women
Canada’s Responsibility to Perceive – Policy recommendations on R2P presented at Failed States conference by Marilou McPhedran, Laurel Sherret, Jennifer Bond.
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A Review of Global Women’s Peace-Building Programs
Selected Examples, Good Practices, and Recommendations for Indonesia – Review of Indonesia (Maluku/North Maluku/Central Sulawesi) Women’s Leadership and Peace-building Program.
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Confronting Violence Against Women
A guide for Canadian activists on using international human rights law domestically.
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Mainstreaming Gender in the Governance of Transboundary Waters
This paper reviews the concepts of gender and gender mainstreaming in the context of water and governance.
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Books and Reviews

Law and Rights:
Global Perspectives on Constitutionalism and Governance – Edited by Penelope Andrews and Susan Bazilli
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Putting Feminism on the Agenda
E-book published by IWRP of papers delivered at a conference reviewing 16 years after Putting Women on the Agenda.
ISBN 978-1-55058-427-1
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Putting Women on the Agenda
Reviews of text on women and constitutional reform in Southern Africa, 1990
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The First CEDAW Impact Study
Pilot study in ten countries on use of CEDAW by women’s organizations.
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Women’s Rights – Human Rights, Strategies for Legal Advocacy
Text in Russian and English of conference papers, only available in hard copy, not electronically.
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Busy Women’s Guide to the Internet
Early reference guide to using the internet for feminist research and advocacy.
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Women’s Constitutional Activism in Canada and South Africa,
International Journal of Constitutionalism – Susan Bazilli and Marilou McPhredran
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Reflections of a Global Women’s Activist
Susan Bazilli reviews Canada’s commitments, or lack of, to women’s human rights.
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No Peace Without Justice
Marilou McPhedran reviews human rights in Afghanistan.
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Women Re-Framing Human Rights
A review of the CEDAW Impact Study process.
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Litigation as a Strategy for Protecting Women’s Rights
How to use impact test case litigation, the LEAF model, for women’s equality rights in Canada.
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ICTs for Human Rights in Southern Africa
A review of how information and communication technologies are being used for human rights work in Southern Africa, Open Society Institute.
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Nabila Khan, Rana Plaza, Global Supply Chains and Offshoe Manufacturing: Gender Issues and Effects,  International Women’s Rights Project (1)
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