Marcia Kran elected to UN Human Rights Committee

marcia-kranWe are delighted to announce that Marcia Kran, the IWRP Senior Advisor on International Human Rights law, has been elected to the UN Human Rights Committee.

She is the first Canadian to be elected to the United Nations Human Rights Committee in more than a decade.

In her new role, the lawyer and former international civil servant will be part of an 18-member group that reviews the records of civil and political rights from countries around the world. Kran’s previous work with the UN lends itself to a practical approach.

Although she said it’s too early to determine the exact issues, one of her first priorities is for the committee to give feasible advice that countries seeking help are able to follow through on.

“We want to make sure the recommendations we give are attainable. They should be those that are capable of being implemented, and they should be tracked, measured and reported back on,” said Kran from her home in Ambleside. She was one of nine experts to be elected to the committee on June 23.

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